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Saturday, March 28, 2015

eBrush / Fun With Backgrounds

   I recently purchased the new eBrush by Craftwell to use in my journal, and I am so glad I did.
It works great for creating backgrounds, so I have had fun with that!
On the above page, I used a variety of stencils and Spectrum Noir markers with the eBrush, then applied an altered image that I purchased from Mischief Circus.   When I work with purchased or found images, I use Adobe Photoshop to alter and resize them.   Then the images are saved onto a flashdrive which I take up to the local Copyworks to have laser printed on good quality paper.   Working with laser prints is far superior to working with inkjet prints if you intend to use any wet mediums on the pages.   Laser images are water resistant, whereas inkjet prints tend to bleed color into wet mediums.

Above is another example of pages with eBrushed backgrounds.   Here I cut my own masks out of card stock and worked in color layers.    Both of the above page spreads are ready for detail work and writing.

And here is a finished page spread.  Again, the backgrounds were done with the eBrush and markers. Collage elements were added and then the writing and some detail work with Prismacolor pencils.

It's nice having the backgrounds all ready to work on, especially when I want to take my journaling with me, and don't want to carry a lot of art supplies.   I can take a few pens and my journal and enjoy working almost anywhere.   And with so many ways to create backgrounds, the possibilities are endless !
Happy Journaling.

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