"When we all think alike, then no one is thinking."
— Walter Lippman

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gifts of Summer

I recently experimented with collage on fabric.   It begins with a piece of fabric for the background placed on a sheet of glass or heavy plastic.   Gel medium is applied, saturating the cloth, and then papers are layered on with more gel medium until you have a background that appeals to you.
After drying, the piece is peeled off the glass.  Now you have the option to add whatever else you want. I sewed on some beads, added threads, applied crackle medium, painted on it, added illustrations and torn paper,  and rubbed on acrylic paint glazes.  Gel medium is applied over the surface to seal it.   I like the matte finish.
A very fun experience and working on the fabric creates a flexible surface that can take quite a bit of embellishment.   Consider the possibilities!  I'm thinking about how this technique could make beautiful soft journal covers......

Monday, May 24, 2010

Going Green

Can you guess the theme for this month's art exchange? Sometimes it's fun to play with a color name and make a collection of images related by the common thread.  
Included in this rhapsody in green:   Green Hornet, Green M&Ms, Green Lantern, Frankenstein with his lovely green complexion, green light, Mr. Green Jeans, green beans, green eye, Lorne Greene (I know, that's a stretch), green stamps, and Green Day.
Next time you are at a loss for what to put on a journal page, pick your favorite color and go for it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alcohol Inks on Glossy Paper

    I have been using alcohol ink on heavy glossy paper with some fun results.  The colors do unexpected things as they are layered and become permanent when dry.   
Here I have made book covers using hand painted paper inside and out.   
This little book could be used as a journal or notebook and is has been posted for sale on Etsy.
And as you can see, I'm still making the bottle-cap buttons.  They make such nice closures for the cord.
If you haven't experimented with alcohol inks, you might enjoy the results.  There are some good tutorials online..... click here for an example.   Have fun!  
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