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— Walter Lippman

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journal Pages

 I'm experimenting with some new ways of working in my journal, using more dry mediums for the final stages.   Here is the process:    First I take a large sheet of heavy mixed media paper with which to make the journal.   I use wet mediums to paint and stain the paper on both sides.  Color choices used for this step will determine the color theme of the journal pages.  
When the paper is completely dry, I cut it into folios and bind it into a 16 page journal.  Next step is to collage some focal images onto the pages to get started.   I'm using dry adhesive in this journal, rather than matte medium.  

Next I airbrushed acrylics to continue to build imagery and background interest, and once that is finished, it's all colored pencil and pen work for the rest of the process.  
I'm finding that I really enjoy the portability of working with dry mediums.  It's easy to take a journal almost anywhere to work on, with just a pencil case full of colored pencils and markers.
I also like the smaller journal format with 16 pages of similar color themes.  

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