"When we all think alike, then no one is thinking."
— Walter Lippman

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun with Photoshop

Five different images were used to create this 16 layer work in Photoshop.  My inspiration came in the form of an email from my dear friend and kindred spirit, Terry Garrett. Yesterday he sent me several links of artist's work that he thought I might like.  After spending time looking at all the eye-candy,  I was so inspired, I could hardly wait to get started on some work of my own.  This is often how it begins.
The image of my cat Chance was the starting point and the composition grew intuitively from there.
There is still so much to learn about image manipulation in photoshop, but it is always an adventure to see what will happen.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  Go where the muse takes you and above all, have fun with your imagination.


Iowa Tom said...

"I am a compulsive maker-of-things who believes that every day must have some time set aside to feed the creative spirit." You too? I am not alone? Thanks for clarifying my own habits.

andrea creates said...

oh wow-very nice!
i wish i knew how to do anything in photoshop ;) it's a goal for the future...

Sharon Parker said...

I don't know, Ann. I often find that after spending some time messing around in Photoshop, I just get frustrated! It's not at all intuitive (to me, anyway), and I get impatient trying to do something in Photoshop that I feel I could do more easily and enjoyably by hand! It's not the same, of course, and I know I need be more patient. I admire your patience!

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