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— Walter Lippman

Monday, December 20, 2010

Notebook Journals

What does a book maker do with all of the papers left over from her projects?
Make Notebook Journals, of course!
I had a huge collection of paper accumulating by my cutting board and now most of it has been put to good use in these fun little books. 
They measure 4 x 6 and have a variety of papers for the pages. 


Monica said...

I discovered your blog when I Googled Journal Covers. I needed inspiration. Visual stimuli can set off ideas and your journals hit. It's not that I could ever make anything as exquisite or like your books. It is that spark that wakened a dormant mind. So now I will finish my journal covers for 2010 and storm into a new year.

My Mane in the Wind said...

I liked the version of this little flip journal that you sent me -- great vintage-y cover and interestnig papers to play with!

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