"When we all think alike, then no one is thinking."
— Walter Lippman

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Go Girl !

I like to work intuitively most of the time which means I don't always know where the muse is taking me. It's the most wonderful feeling to just let things happen without over-thinking, trusting your immediate instincts. Remember, you have more paint to cover up anything you really dislike later. (If and when you do cover something up, consider using a semi-transparent wash to allow the layered imagery to show through and create interest).
Here I began by playing with the background with no further expectation. Layers of paint, colored pencils, and stamped textures were all used. Images were added and the theme of the page became obvious.
The linear borders on top and bottom were made with a strip of corrugated cardboard that was placed on acrylic paint and then pressed on the pages like a stamp. What other 'found objects' could you stamp with? When I'm working, anything within arm's reach is fair game. (Try little plastic drinking cups for circles, bubble wrap for pattern, fork tines for lines of dots, etc).
Soft water-based oil pastels were used around the imagery to help them blend into the background, and then the writing was applied with waterproof pens.
I'm not sure it's finished yet but decided to post it here anyway. As Anne Boelyn said, "That's how it's going to be, no matter how much people may grumble."
What's next? Guess I'll get a background started and see where it takes me.


andrea creates said...

I love working like that and usually get my best results-just letting things happen and trying not to overthink it.
Great work-love the background!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Sharon.... thank you for your lovely comment! I accidentally hit the reject instead of the publish button and I feel terrible. (I obviously don't have my bifocals on). I have copied and pasted your comment below:

Yes, using misc. materials for printmaking is great -- I have repurposed such materials, too, like a wad of cheesecloth dipped in ink and pressed on paper as though I were daubing it, then spread out the cheesecloth between two pieces of paper and let it dry under a short stack of books to keep everything flat -- fabulous patterns and textures from this! The corrugated cardboard is a great idea too -- and another use for those coffee cup jackets!

My Mane in the Wind said...

Love it! And all of the different techniques! BTW what type of waterproof pens are you crazy for? Sharpies don't always work on top of certain materials, so I'm wondering if you have any "magic wands" I should know about!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks Virginia! You asked about pens..... I use lots of different ones, Microns and others like that, sharpies, etc. I know what you mean about some pens not wanting to write on top of acrylics and mediums. Copic pens will work on anything! The only drawback is that they have a brush tip and a chisel tip and no fine point. I use them for filling in large letters and making borders. They come in a huge variety of colors but they are expensive. You might try buying just one and see how you like it. Other than that, one has to plan the layering to accommodate the pen work.

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