"When we all think alike, then no one is thinking."
— Walter Lippman

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Journal Play

Remember to play often.
A visual journal is the perfect place to play with ideas, color, materials, words, whatever you want. You are not obligated to make a masterpiece. You might even paint over the whole page if you don't like it.
Here are some recent 'play pages' in my journal. None of them are really noteworthy, but they each represent a moment in time and document what I was thinking about.
Compare this to the concept of writing down your thoughts in a diary...... it's very related to that, only more visual.
The prompt for the above pages: A co-worker's birthday celebration and remembering the importance of celebrating life each day.
The prompt: A friend gave me a piece of vintage ephemera and said "here's something for your journal." I had also recently listed all of the daily expectations of teaching in a large public school. The two items merged on these pages very spontaneously.

The prompt: Recalling a time in my childhood when I wanted to become invisible. Not a happy time, but something that later helped me grow. Making these pages allowed me to revisit and remember a significant event in my life.
There is power in putting images and words on paper. If you have not tried visual journalling, it might be a new adventure for the new year! There are so many resources online to inspire and get you started.
What would you like to journal about? Silence your inner critic and have fun.


tgarrett said...

Wonderful journal pages Ann. I like seeing these- I still have trouble with my inner critic-I love that you draw- I need to start that again. Thanks for sharing these. T.

My Mane in the Wind said...

I want to be more like YOU!!!!! I love how you experiment with all sorts of aplomb and it all looks beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement and examples!

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