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— Walter Lippman

Sunday, September 6, 2009


During a recent trip to our local antique mall, a pair of vintage ladie's gloves accompanied me to the check out. Although they were much too small for my large hands, I knew at once they would find a place on the cover of a book. The soft white leather was worn in distinctive creases as a woman's hands were protected decades ago. These gloves had been well used and I wondered about the person who had carried them in her pocket and slipped them on casually over and over again. The gloves now hold a book for an artist to use. Pages are made of thick papers for mixed media or watercolor and the book should be a delight to fill.
The gloves are stitched directly to the covers of an antique book with white waxed linen. The spine of the book has been replaced with reinforced vintage cloth and pages are attached with harlequin binding. There are 4 signatures of 10 pages hand torn from artist quality papers.


Rose said...

Love how the gloves are holding the book! Your work is so interesting!

sherry truitt said...

What an exeptionally beautiful juxtapostition.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks Sherry! I had fun making that one.
I really enjoy reading your blog at

My Mane in the Wind said...

Wonderful! You are a delightful surprise in what you think up next!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks Virginia!
This idea was 'handed' to me the minute I set eyes on those gloves. I'm keeping my eyes open for another pair, I would like to explore that concept again.

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