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— Walter Lippman

Friday, June 19, 2009

Saint Mildburga

This week my cats alerted me to a bird trapped in the fireplace chimney. It happens occasionally, and I have a method of rescue which does not include the cats. Off they went, banished temporarily to the basement. I set up a light on the glass fireplace doors, open the flue, and shortly the bird will come down to the light, thinking it is an escape to the outside. Then I can reach into the fireplace, grab the bird and release it outdoors. One would think I have done this before, right? This time it was a pair of chimney swifts. What strong little birds! I held each one long enough to admire their piercing black eyes and sleek profile, then opened my hand and they were gone.
I was reminded of a little collage made in 2007 when our theme for the month was "saints." This is my interpretation of Mildburga, Patron Saint and protector of Birds.


Robert W. Leonard said...

We had a raccoon find its way into the chimney once. Heard noises in the living room one night and came in to tiny little soot footprints ALL over the room. We ended up calling animal control. For such cute animals they are quite scary when cornered.

andrea creates said...

How nice, I love birds:)

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