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— Walter Lippman

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Into the Garden

We have had a nice steady rain over night and throughout the day today. The garden is happy.
Several years ago I decided to transform the vegetable garden to a flower garden. This evolved after my "Earth Mother" phase in which I grew and canned everything. These days I am just as happy to support the Farmer's Market, but there are still a few tomato plants, green peppers and basil among the many flowers.
My Grandpa, who inspired my love of gardening, was always digging, planting and harvesting. In the spring there would be hundreds of tulips and in the fall, the entire yard was bordered by chrysanthemums of every imaginable variety. There were grafted fruit trees with 4 different kinds of pears on the same tree, roses and flowering shrubs galore. Grape vines grew on the fence around the garden and in the fall he made the best wine ever. He worked in the garden right up until the day he died and was always looking ahead to the next season.
I have kept his tree spade and most of his garden books, and all that he taught me over the years. And sometimes when I am out in my own garden I feel that he is still watching and guiding me with his gentle spirit.

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Sharon P said...

I love this, what sweet thoughts about your grandfather. I sometimes feel my father's presence when I am working in my garden, especially when I think I am crafting an inventive solution to a challenging problem -- I get my tinkering creative gene from him. He was an avid vegetable gardener who especially loved his tomatoes. (Don't we all?)

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