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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Book of Secrets

This dark and lovely little sketchbook / journal began as an experiment and has become one of my favorites. It came about as I was playing with glass domes and adding images to the back of them. For anyone who has not experimented with this, it's cool to see the image magnified by the glass.
I had recently taught my students to make spirellis with string and paper. As often happens, one thing carries over into another realm and the fun begins....
I started experimenting with leather, the glass eye dome, waxed linen and the spirelli technique. The book's cover ornament was the eventual outcome.
I love the slightly unsettling effect of the watcher in the book.
The pages are all made of high quality heavy weight 'Art Again' drawing paper so it will be a great little pocket journal for a mixed media artist.


andrea said...

This looks really neat.A great journal...
I have so many art supplies I was going through some the other day...I believe I may have some domes too!This summer when I get my craft studio(crosses fingers) I will be a lot more organized:0
Take care~

kim* said...

awesome journals!

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