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— Walter Lippman

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mixed Media Journal Pages

Here are two pages from my visual journal today.    These started with background painting using Dylusion Inks.   These inks are wonderful for color richness, but they are not waterproof.  Since I wanted to do some painting and collage on these backgrounds, I sealed them with acrylic medium applied with a roller.   That allowed me to work freely on the backgrounds with collage, paint, and colored pencil after they were dry.    
The writing is done with Molotow markers, which are permanent and waterproof acrylic when dry, so the entire work can be sealed with matte medium when finished, or painted on, without fear of the text running or smearing.   

In mixed media art, it's so important to learn about the characteristics of the mediums you use, to avoid unhappy accidents.   It's all about learning and experimenting.  

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