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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mixing It Up On Canvas

Recently I picked up a fairly large stretched canvas that had been neglected in a corner of my studio.
Although I have seen many fine examples of mixed media work on canvas, I had never tried it myself and it was time to do so.
The process for this work started by dividing the surface into sections and applying layers of collage using matte medium and undertones of color with acrylic paint.   Each new layer that was added created more depth and interest and I liked working on the sturdy canvas.   It's not shown here but the surface treatment goes right around the edges of the piece so no framing is necessary.  
I'm already looking forward to the next adventure on canvas!


gary warren niebuhr said...


Kim Rae Nugent said...

Beautiful piece!

tgarrett said...

Great Piece Ann- So glad you have healed and are back to making art again!

Sharon Parker said...

Oooh. Very nice! Glad to have you back, too!

Virginia said...

Wow! I think your enforced rehab made you push, no explode way past the edge of the envelope -- just beautiful, almost mesmerizing. Would love to see it in real time!

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