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— Walter Lippman

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Samuel was Answered

For me it always starts with one item. In this case it was the photograph of a young man. I only imagine his name was Samuel... there was no inscription on the back.
The rest took on a life of it's own as I tried to work intuitively on the piece.
A recent class at Valley Ridge Art Studio in Wisconsin with artist Michael deMeng inspired me to try some new approaches in assemblage. He taught us many things about using non-traditional materials and painting techniques to create various effects. Apparently that creative energy followed me home. I do hope it sticks around awhile.
My brother-in-law and husband recently gifted me with an old typewriter, knowing that I would disassemble it for my artwork. The old Underwood was rusted and damaged beyond use and I was told that the auctioneer actually paid them $1 to take it away. What luck!
As I was cutting strips of old newspaper clippings to adhere to the surface, the name 'Samuel' and the words 'was answered' seemed to jump out at me. When you allow yourself to work from pure intuition, little 'gifts' are often presented. In this case, it was the title of the work.

The back ends of the old Underwood keys have such interesting hook shapes!
I must say that during the 2 days it took me to completely disassemble the old typewriter, I gained profound respect for the complex mechanics of the thing.
A work of art in itself.


Sherry said...

You've outdone yourself. This is a simple wonderful piece, Anne.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks Sherry!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow! This is an incredible piece. And how fortunate to have that old typewriter, the rustier the better. I always seem to find the ones that are at least $50. Michael's classes are great at inspiring creativity, and it looks like you were really inspired. Well done!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks Christine!
I did learn many new things in the 'Demented Toys' class and, unfortunately, had not signed up for the 'Alchemists Cabinet' class which followed. I was so inspired by the class that I continued to work as soon as I was home and unpacked.
I will definitely take another class at Valley Ridge, and would like to take another class from Michael. It has really been a 'jump start' to my creative spirit.

Brenda Schweder said...

Way to finish a piece from a workshop you didn't even take! You're such an inspiration!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Well, I had SO much fun in Michael's Demented Toys class that I just had to explore the concept from the second class too! I would have loved to stay and take that second class also. This was the next best thing.
I was able to use so many things that I learned from the first class, like his painting techniques, the information on making connections, etc.
What a valuable class that was for me.

jean brown said...

anne, i took the class following the toys and was blown away by the completely different ways everyone finished their cabinets, but i must say, yours is the best! the use of the many typewriter parts is brilliant, and the colors are so rich and deep and mysterious, and unlike what usually (USZHHually) passes for "old patina". i could look at these pictures for hours... thank you for posting! --jean b.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Hi Jean
Thank you SO much for your kind words! This piece was really fun to work on and came together in a very intuitive way. Sometimes it's like that, other times a struggle to connect with the materials. I appreciate your comments.

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