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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hand Bound Visual Journals

I have been busy making more hand bound visual journals. I've made a series of this design, which is one I like to use myself. These have a variety of hand torn papers for mixed media: Lenox, Strathmore Artagain, and heavy drawing paper. Since the book opens flat, it is easy to work on the pages. The size (5 x 7) is just right for slipping into a bag, along with a few pens and markers and it's easy to hold on your lap for little watercolor sketches and journal entries.
The leather used for spines is upcycled from discarded leather coats. There are so many materials that can be re-used in creative ways.
I have always loved the look and feel of well worn vintage books and have tried to create a bit of that here while designing an inviting "take along" visual journal for mixed media artists.
The covers are made with book board and canvas that has been slightly darkened around the edges for a comfortable vintage appearance.
The spine has exposed binding in a "Harlequin Stitch." This is a rather unusual technique that involves crossing threads between 2 signatures at a time. It is a challenging one to learn.
I use waxed linen for strong bindings and like the way it looks against the spine.
Here is a close up of the stitching. I have found that using a very small leather punch for the holes is preferable to an awl for this binding.
You can see more books like this and other designs at my Etsy shop.

1 comment:

Robert W. Leonard said...

I really like this! Definitely keeping these in mind when I have a little extra cash. I have a rather large collection of notebooks, I like collecting them to keep my book notes in. :)

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