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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fan Books

The name of this project is "I Am My Biggest Fan." Students create a fun book that expresses different aspects of their personality.
Here is a brief synopsis of the project....
An 18 x 24 piece of tagboard is painted freely with acrylic paints in a variety of colors. When dry, contrasting colors of paint are applied using bubble wrap, plastic screen, and other found objects to stamp with. Templates are then used to draw body shapes on the back. These are cut out and become the pages.

A list of 15 to 18 words and descriptive phrases is generated and printed. Each word and phrase must tell some aspect of your personality. These are cut out and applied to the pages. Faces must be found or drawn and applied to each page.
When additional embellishment is completed, everything is held together at the bottom with buttons and cord. The book fans open to reveal the contents.


andrea said...

What an interesting project.Sounds like fun to do.

Audrey said...

That's really cool! They actually have to use their imagination, very nice.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Thanks for your nice comments!
My students seem to really enjoy the fan books and I have fun seeing all of their imaginative ideas.
It's interesting to visually explore the varied aspects of one's personality. This could also be done in a standard format visual journal, dividing the page into sections. We all have so many different roles in life...... what would your page look like?

Sandy said...

These are really cool. What a creative idea. Makes the person making it think a bit about themselves. What fun!

whyte said...

Awesome work Ann! Love the fan books! Lots of intricate work and time there! Saw your post in the etsy forum, glad to meet you!

PCarriker said...

Gorgeous work! I came here by way of the etsy forum thread.

ArtSnark said...

What fun! Fabulous blog

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Greetings to my fellow Etsyians.
Thanks for making the trip over to check out my blog. Your comments are all appreciated!

createitcottage said...

This looks very interesting. What a creative idea!!


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